Chrysler 300 Club List Server via Yahoo        

Revised December 10, 2015

1) Information:

This listserver is for the use of current, dues-paying members of the Chrysler 300 Club International. It is not open to the general public.
The listserver is hosted by Yahoo. You need to have a Yahoo ID in order to use the listserver. It is easy to set up an account and your ID at Yahoo, just follow the instructions at

1A) Invitation:

In the old days, account managers could add you to the list. This has changed. Now we send you an email with an invitation to join. It will look something like this:

You have been invited to join Chrysler300 group!
Join this group!
Yahoo Groups is a free service that allows you to stay in touch with friends and family or meet new people who share your interests. It is a violation of our service rules for members to abuse this invitation feature. If you feel this has happened, please notify us. You may also change your email preferences to stop receiving group invitations in the future. Your use of Yahoo Groups is subject to our Terms of Service.

When you click the "Join this group!" button, you will go to the Chrysler 300 page where
once again you have to click a "+ Join group!" button.
After that button, you sign in with a Yahoo username and password
or create a Yahoo account to establish a Yahoo username and password.

Although you now have a Yahoo account, you don't need to receive your list server email at a Yahoo email address.
You can use your regular email if you like.

2) Purpose:

The purpose of the list server is to provide communication between members on any subject related to Chrysler 300 cars. This includes technical information, problem solving, parts for sale, parts wanted, cars for sale, and cars wanted.

3) Rules: Click here

4) Message Size:

The Yahoo server does not restrict message size although JPEG's or attachments will not pass through the list server.

5) Virus Protection :

It is the responsibility of the member using this list server to provide their own virus protection program. Such programs are available from Symantec, McAfee, and others.

6) To Send An Email :

The address is:

7) To Change Your Email Options:

If you are a registered Yahoo user, you can change how you receive and view your e-mail by yourself at any time. If you are not a registered Yahoo user, you can request assistance from the administrators listed below.

8) To unsubscribe or change your settings:

Either send a message to or go to and change your settings.

9) To Change Your Email Address:

You can't change your address yourself. Please contact any one of the list administrators below and they will process the change.

10) Bounce Notice:

Yahoo detects malfunctions with delivery of your email messages. If messages are returned from your address, Yahoo places your account in their 'bounce file' and sends you a 'reactivation notice'. If you think you are not receiving any mail through the server, look for a reactivation notice from Yahoo, reply to it, and your mail service should resume. If your attempts to reactivate fail, contact any one of the list administrators below.

This is what a Bounce Notice looks like:

Hello, You belong to one or more email groups provided by Yahoo! Autos ( Email from these groups can be recognized by looking for a group name in the message Subject line, like [pet-owners] or [music-fans]. Recently, messages sent to you from Yahoo! Autos have been returned to us as undeliverable. To prevent any problems with your email service, we have temporarily turned your Yahoo! Autos account OFF. If you are reading this message now, the delivery problem appears to be fixed. However, we won't know that the problem is fixed until you tell us. To turn your Yahoo! Autos account ON: - Please REPLY to this message. Send that reply back to us without changing anything. OR - While connected to the Internet, click on the following Web link (or copy and paste it into your Web browser and hit the RETURN key):,32727&p=1066832613 Once we get a response from you, we will turn your Yahoo! Autos account back ON, and you will begin to receive messages from your groups again. After you respond, you can read any messages you might have missed while your account was off by visiting: Thank you for using Yahoo! Autos! Yahoo! Autos Customer Care Your use of Yahoo! Autos is subject to

11) List Administrators :

If you have any problems, complaints, or suggestions please e-mail

Bob Merritt at


Don Warnaar at

 12) Message Archives:

The easiest search is provided by our friend Dave Stragand at the Forward Look. Use this page or this page

The other way is to use the archive contained within the Yahoo list server. You need to have a Yahoo account and password to access the archives.

If you don't have a yahoo username and password at all, you can go to and register under the "Sign In" section on the left.

Your email address must be the same as the one you subscribed to the list.

If you already have a Yahoo username and password, make sure to associate that email address with the username as described below.

When you sign into Yahoo! Groups, you use a Yahoo! ID. This ID is used to recognize you whenever you access online features of Yahoo! Groups. When you join a group, it is your email address that is subscribed, not your ID. In order for Yahoo to know which groups you are a member of, you must link your email addresses to your Yahoo! ID. Once that is done, you will see all of the groups your email address is subscribed to listed on the My Groups page.

First, add the email address to your Yahoo! ID by following these steps:
- Go to the Account Info page.
- Click the Edit button next to Member Information.
- Enter the new email address in one of the Alternate Email fields.
- Click the Finished button.

Next, verify your email address. (This must be done to make sure you own the email address.)

- Click the Edit button next to Member Information again.
- Click on the Non-verified link next to the new email address.
- You will be taken to the Email Address Verification page. Click on the Send Verification button.
- Check for a verification email message sent to that address. (This might take a while). - Click the link in the email(s) we sent to verify your email address. Enter the email confirmation code and Yahoo! password in the boxes.

Note: If the new address is already known to Yahoo! Groups (i.e., you used it to subscribe to a group), you'll have to convert it. (We're working on eliminating this step.)
- Go to the My Preferences page.
- Click on the Edit button next to Email Accounts.
- Find the email address you'd like to add to Yahoo! Groups and click on the Convert link.
- Follow the steps in the conversion wizard to link this address to your Yahoo! Groups account.

When you have completed these requirements, you will see the picture below and you are all set to access the archives: