Chryslers at Carlisle 2023

Jeff Miklas sent this series of photos

300 B of Brian Walker

300C of Jason & Andrea Vernon

300F of Allan and Gloria Moon

300G of Charlie Valentine

300G of Herb McCandless

300K of Matt Plosila

300K of Jamie Hyde

300K of John Plosila

300L of Mark Yingling

300Sport of Doug Miller

300Sport of Ron Klinczar

The crew

Charlie Valentine writes:
Here are the plaque winners from Carlisle.

1st - Mark Yingling 1965 300L 4 Speed.
Mark also won a Celebrity Pick: by Jim Kerr Hurst

2nd Charlie Valentine 300G

3rd Jason and Andrea Vernon 300C

The following is a list of club members and guests who signed in at the club tent.
Charlie Valentine 300G, Mark Yingling 300L, Jamie Hyde 300K, Ron Klinczar 1965 300, Allan and Gloria Moon 300F, Jason and Andrea Vernon 300C, John Guarneri, Don Verity, John Begian, Jim Rockey, Ralph Rhees, DeAndrea VanTree, Fred Dales, Ray Jones, JoAnne Jones, Mark Souders, John Nowosacki, Jeff and Dee Miklas, George Delaney, David H. Stock, Bob Dotta, John Rebolj, Alan Alkus, Caroll Ripley, P J Ehmann, Paul Wimmer, Chad Caldwell, Dave Clelland, Mike Marmorale, Jonathon Holt, Clifford Holt, Carl Boyko, Bob Haag, Mike Frenchek, Neal Henderson, Marshall Curtis, Johnathon Rudy, Darrin Bailey, Adena and Tracy Kephart, Bob Baker, Dave and Cheryl Mihalko, Jeff DeVito, Matthew Snell, John and Madeleine Plosila, James M. Salisbury, Jason and Andrea Vernon, Joe Jordon.

Gloria Moon writes:
Carlisle was again hot, humid with threatening rain. But it was a great meeting place for 300 club members looking for a place to gather between meets. There are not that many parts out there that we all haven't already bought and stuffed away in our parts stash. So we find that when we need something the best thing to do is come to Carlisle and ask our pals if they can help out. And we talk - a lot.