Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Geneva, NY

May, 2017

Emails from the meet

Congratulations to Bob, Jamie and Dawn for a great meet, notwithstanding the weather. We loved seeing everyone and hope you all had a safe trip home. See you in Virginia.
Pete & Anne Fitch
I could not say that any better. Kathie and I add a big thank you. I am going back to the Curtiss Museum!! A great meet in a spectacular site right on the lakefront. Not the first or last to be rained on , -- the Gods have their way, but whole thing well organized and first class! Thank you!
John Grady
Hi Guys, Great meet! In spite of the weather, you pulled it off!
Well done and Thanks from Sue and I.
Greg Leggatt
Thanks for hosting a great meet!! Loved the Gggrrrages!! The wife and I had a wonderful time. Sending some photos soon.
J & Dee Miklas
It was a Great meet – Kim & I enjoyed ourselves very much - even though the weather was sh@##y! (Canadian Technical Term) I never heard one complaint – of course I, wasn’t listening. Even Dougy was his outstanding self.
He could tell his jokes again at 5 minute intervals – everyone would have forgotten them!
He could tell his jokes again at 5 minute intervals – everyone would have forgotten them!
He could tell his jokes again at 5 minute intervals – everyone would have forgotten them!
Paul DelGrande
Yes, thanks to Bob, Jamie, Dawn and all those who helped make the Geneva Meet possible. We learned so much and enjoyed each of the places we visited. It was great to see old friends and to make new ones.
Hope we can all meet again this fall in Lynchburg.
Mark, Pauline and Matthew Obermann
Kudos to Bob Merritt and Dawn and Jamie Hyde for hosting a fabulous Meet! It was so much fun to be together again. Forwardlooking to Lynchburgh! Thanks folks for all you did!
300’ly, Rob Kern
Another great meet in the books. The weather was tough, but that didn’t keep us from having a great time. Thanks to Bob, Jamie and Dawn, along with the folks working in the back ground, for another fun re-union.
Don Verity
As usual it was a great time! Weather or not. The tours were outstanding and the scenery was great. Looking forward to Lynchburg this fall. Hope everyone stays healthy and will be there to rejoin the family again. 300K’ly,
Don and Pat Cole
Good meet - kudos to Jamie, Dawn and Bob. We had to leave Saturday morning and the weather going home was abominable! Hoping it was good for y'all in Geneva. Had a lot of fun and got to know a few more people - which is always good. Side trips were enjoyable - particularly liked the Glenn Curtiss museum and the quaint little town of Hammondsport (took a wrong turn and ended up going there). Looking forward to news about the next meet.
Steve and Sandy Beard
I echo everyone's comments, commending Jamie and Dawn and Bob on the great Meet! Their Thursday's and Friday's lineup of events barely gave us time to catch our breaths. Cruising to all these local venues put another 300 miles on my F.
We're especially grateful to Legendary Interior's COO, Brian Ridley, for leading 80+ of us Club members of a tour of Legendary's state-of-the art production facility. Brian mentioned that the largest tours he had previously agreed to was of 10-12 people. It was especially challenging for Brian, as Legendary was in full production Thursday, in addition to being short-staffed. Following our tour, Brian mentioned that he jumped in and was running one of their machines. Our classic cars hobby is in great hands with U.S. companies like Legendary!
And thanks to my 'pit crew' who helped install a replacement wire in my distributor for the F to fire up. All I had to do was supply my spare replacement wire and the crew did the rest. Carl Kiekhaefer would have had no advantage over these guys! The F other wise ran great - 1,590 total miles. 13.5 mpg cruising leisurely to John Begian's Tuesday, and 11.9 mpg for the entire trip, fighting strong head- and crosswinds driving westbound Sunday and nasty traffic delays rolling back into the Chicago area.
Looking forward to Lynchburg!
Noel Hastalis
Yes it was a great time good to see all my old friends. See ya all in Carlisle and VA.
Bob Haag
I would like to join the others and give a great thank you to Bob Jamie and Dawn for all their hard work to produce such a great meet!
It was so good to see friends again and make new friends too.
The visit to Bob's place and the different museums etc were outstanding!
We made it home tonight in the F after 900 miles of trouble free fun!
Hope to see you all in the near future.
Jean-Yves and Jacinthe Chouinard
Thank you Dawn and Jamie:
Thank you Bob:
The meet you put together was exceptional. Thursday was busy with a variety of stops—and each stop held our interest. Friday was equally good. And the lush spring countryside of New York’s Finger Lakes was—probably still is—beautiful. The conviviality of our group is also exceptional; the other clubs I experience have none of the welcoming, easy-going camaraderie that our club has. That makes possible eating at any table where there are club members, joining any drinking group, having a noisy, talky banquet, riding in any car to places we visit. What a gift. Thanks to the hosts and all who make this possible.
Doug Mayer
We arrived home this afternoon with wonderful memories of our Spring Meet in Geneva, NY. Always takes some time to wind down from such a great time seeing long time friends and meeting new ones. The activities always seem to happen so fast in the four days of a Meet, but the memories stay with us.
Thanks to Bob Merritt and Jamie & Dawn Hyde for presenting us with a first class Meet filled with interesting places to tour. Thanks also to Don Verity for sharing his expertise on the TorqueFlite transmission.
300 Meets are indeed reunions where we get to visit with the members of our "300 Family" twice a year or so. We are fortunate to have a family that is filled with such warm and friendly people. And some great cars too.
Don Warnaar
Thanks to Bob, Dawn and Jamie for hosting such an enjoyable meet. All the activities were entertaining and educational.
Mick and Martha
Yes, it was a well done meet indeed! It's a ton of work to put on such a good show, and it showed in the terrific itinerary and detail of the arrangements. The weather was damp, but certainly not our spirits. And it was great to get together with both old and new friends.
Judy and I had additional car failures heading home, but we still made it back to the barn by 5. All's well that ends well, and we are glad we could be there.
Thanks again to Bob, Jamie, and Dawn.
Keith and Judy Boonstra
I can only echo the many previous comments. Bob, Jamie and Dawn did a fabulous job with the Geneva meet. The tours were terrific. Also, thanks to Don Verity, my wife Bonnie is now a qualified Torque Flight transmission rebuilder.
Rip and Bonnie Ripley
Kudos to Bob,Jamie and Dawn for a wonderful time at the Geneva show.Even the rain did not stop it from being a great event.So good to see so many great looking cars and wonderful people again.
Norm and Clorine Losey
Our thanks also. Bob, Dawn, and Jamie did a great job.
We had a great time.
Joe and Meg Williams
Jamie, Dawn and Bob did a wonderful job with this meet. It was a very well organized and a good variety of activities.
Helen and Loren Nelson (just got back to Georgia)
Thank you and Dawn and Bob Merritt for a fantastic time in the beautiful Finger Lakes Countrysides of New York at the wonderful Chrysler 300 Meet last week. Arlys and I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you put into making this meet so interesting and great. We liked all the tours, especially Legendary Auto Interiors, the good food and seeing so many people who we have known for years.
We spent two amazing days at Niagara Falls after the meet.
John & Arlys Chesnutt
Just a short note to say "THANK YOU" and your CHRYSLER 300 Car Club for stopping by at the Ward W. O'Hara Agricultural and Country Living Museum yesterday. Doris and I enjoyed chatting with and telling "museum stories" to your entire group. We wished that they had more time to browse around but we do understand the day's delays and we did not want anyone to miss the tour of the Willard Chapel.
We hope that those members of the group who live reasonably close will come back for a longer visit this summer.
Fred and Doris Lindsay