Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in St. Louis, Missouri

May, 2013


Top of the arch, 630 feet above ground level.

The observation room at the top of the arch.

Looking east -- the Mississippi River.

Looking west, downtown St. Louis.

It's your boat! You should have checked the drain plug.

The famous Brooks Catsup water tower of Collinsville.
"The world's largest ketchup bottle"

Old Route 66 on left and New Route 66 on right.
The hood and windshield header of Keith Boonstra's C is at bottom of picture.

Some went to see the sights at the Monks Mound.
Monks Mound is part of the Cahokia Mounds National Historic Landmark in Collinsville.
Others heard rumors of a brewery in St. Louis and went to investigate.

And some ventured to the St. Louis Museum of Transportation where they found this.