by Dan Reitz; Northridge, CA. dan300f@aol.com


I set out to develop a method for mounting disc brakes on my 300F. I wanted to keep the stock spindles because I had heard of others who attempted it and they lost turning radius. After fabricating many wooden mock-ups of brackets for mounting different types of calipers in various locations, I settled on the following method. It is rather simple. For purposes of this presentation, the explanations will be brief. I will submit a more detailed article to the club magazine.

NOTE: This information is strictly for the readers enjoyment. There has not been any engineering analysis nor testing done. Although the disc brakes now on my car are far superior to the drum brakes it came with, I do not recommend that anyone copy what is shown below. For this reason, I will not provide dimensions, only a story of what I did.

Please click HERE to see how I did it !


Try as I might, I just could not figure out a way to position calipers and rotors to fit inside of the 14" wheels of my 300F without changing out the entire spindle system, which I did not want to do. Also, I wanted to maintain the same or approximate tire diameter so as not to change the speedometer and odometer readings any more than they are now.

Therefore, I decided on 15" wheels to accomodate the discs. Also, I did not want to give up the beautiful F wheel covers. Thus, the necessity to modify 15" wheels to take the 14" wheel covers. Mike Laiserin had already done this to his 300K convert.

I purchased 3-14" wheels for donors and 5-15" wheels. I cut out the rims of the 14" wheels (2 per wheel) and welded them into the 15" wheels. Following are pictures of the project. A more detailed version will be submitted to the club magazine.

Please click HERE to view the rim conversion