Chryslers at Carlisle 2013

300D of Merle Wolfer

Once again the promoters of the All Chrysler Nationals at the Carlisle Fair Grounds put on a great show, despite a bit of wet weather for some of the time. The total count of cars on the show field was 2150, not a record, but not bad either, especially considering last year's heat wave which may have scared a number of people away.

Our tent was busy with a number of members in and out, and we had some great cars at the show this year. Leading the group was Merl Wolfer's gorgeous Tahitian Coral D coupe, all the way from Oregon, which captured First Place in the letter car class in the people's judging, and also a Celebrity Choice Award from Herb McCandless.
George Glavis was also there with his white D coupe from Virginia. We had three F's in attendance, Tony Rinaldi's white convertible, Jean-Yves Chouinard's white F coupe, down from Canada, and Ed Howe's red coupe, an Oregon car bearing Florida plates. Jay Robinson also had an F coupe for sale in the car corral. There was one G on the field, that belonging to Mike Falcone, and Benny Buckner had one for sale in the car corral. Jerry Olson had the '61 Bat Wagon on the field and took 3rd place in the letter car judging and a Celebrity Choice Award as well.

Mark Souders had his beautiful H on the field, and captured 2nd place in the letter car judging, plus a Celebrity Choice Award, and Charlie Valentine's 62 Sport Convertible took a 2nd place award in the non-letter 300 class. We only had one K this year, and that was John Plosila's convertible, but we had three members with their L's, including Jeff Miklas, Dave Morrison with a convertible, and Doug Mayer, all the way from Maine. Dan Holovacko had a '66 300 at the show, and the always present Allan and Gloria Moon, of course, had their 300 Hurst, "Thirsty." All in all, we wound up with 11 cars at the show - why we don't get more is beyond me, although our G and Tom Cox's F both had last minute issues that prevented their being at the show, so I guess we were part of the problem.

In addition to those who brought cars, we had a number of members at the tent, including Alan Alkus, Bob Dotta, Jamie Hyde, Tom & Dannis Cox, Don Verity, Dave and Carolyn Schwandt, Troy McKenzie, Dave Clelland, Bill Allen, Bob Wahl, Bob Haag, Paul Wimmer, Nancy Kramer, John Cote, John Begian, Jonathan Rudy, Lynn Nelson and Ron & Anita Krauth. DeAndrea Vantree, from the West coast, who usually gets the non-driver long distance title, was at the show, but lost out for long distance recognition this year to Tony Cavoli, who was visiting all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

As usual, we had a great time visiting with each other, looking at beautiful cars, buying or selling parts (some of us), and finding great places to eat. It is always a pleasure to attend this show, regardless of the weather, and I wish more of you would come and bring your cars. We have good deals on lodging, and it is within reasonable driving distance for many of you. If we can get cars from Oregon, Canada and Maine to this show, why can't we get more cars from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and New York? In this case, the more really means the merrier, so please think about coming next year.

Pete Fitch

300L of Jeff Miklas

300F of Ed Howe, 300F convertible of Tony Rinaldi, Gerry Olsen's Batwagon

300F of Ed Howe

300F of Jean-Yves Chouinard

300G of Herb McCandless

300L convertible of David Morrison

Photos by Jeff Miklas