L console cover plate

Jeff Miklas writes:
I've included some pics of the top-plate bezel for a 4-speed 300L console. If you are lucky enough to own a 4-speed 300L but the console top plate bezel is badly pitted or damaged, it is simple to replace. Find a nice condition bezel from an automatic console. It doesn't even have to be from a "Chrysler" console. Plymouth and Dodge were the same. Chrysler in it's cost-saving genius used the same part for auto and manual transmissions company-wide (cast#2490614) See photos:
Removing the Vacuum gauge from the auto unit, see that the mounting structure is the same as that of the tachometer. I've shown with dotted lines the material that must be removed to fit the 4-speed top plate, just as the Chrysler workers did back then. All that is left is to drill two small holes for the top plate center trim screws. (Arrows) Use your existing 4-speed top plate as a template. The holes for the top plate rear trim screws are already there.