Instrument Panel Differences
1960, 1961, 1962

Revised: April 6, 2023

Instrument Panel Pads
The 60 is smooth black vinyl, the 61 is black vinyl with ribs, and the 62 is gold vinyl with ribs.

This is the 1960 instrument panel.

This is the 1961 instrument panel.

This is the 1962 instrument panel.

Aluminum Trim Panels
There are aluminum panels behind the switch knobs for the headlights, wiper, ignition, and on the dial of the radio and the face of the clock. The panels have a different texture for each year: the 60 is a satin-brushed finish, the 61 is a series of small vertical black bars against bright aluminum, and the 62 is a mesh of black diamonds against bright aluminum.

This is the 1960 radio dial.

This is the 1961 radio dial.

This is the 1962 radio dial.

Astra-Dome Knobs
60 uses a round knob with a black center. 61 uses a round knob with two spikes and a black center. 62 uses a round knob with two spikes and the center is chrome.

'60 knob on the left. '61 style in the center. '62 style on the right.

Astra-Dome Gauges
The gauges have different styles of printing each year.

1960 This is the 1960 style.
Note the bars aside the C and the H are vertical.
1961 This is the 1961 style.
Note the bars aside the C and the H are tilted.
1962 This is the 1962 style.
Note the horizontal line extend across the full width of the gauge
and there is a second horizontal bar over a cental portion.

The gauges will interchange, except as noted below. If gauges have been replaced, it is possible to have more than one style in the Astra-Dome.

Click HERE for more gauge pictures.

NOTE: Late in 1960, Chrysler changed the oil pressure gauge to eliminate the internal voltage limiter. An external limiter was mounted to the rear of the instrument cluster with a small harness to provide voltage to the gauges. The internal regulator returned for 1961. Click the images below for larger views.

Astra-Dome Halo
The 'halo' around the Astra-Dome is different in 1960. It is a two piece affair that has studs going through the dash. The outer portion has a brushed finish. The 61 and 62 'halo' is a single piece affixed with two screws from the front.

A side view of the 60 halo (on the left) and the 61-62 halo (on the right).

Close up view of the brushed finish and two piece design of the 1960 halo.

The 61-62 halo.

Not only are the radios different year for year with the texture of the dial face plate, the 1960 incorporates the panel bezel into the radio face. For 61 and 62, the bezel is part of the chrome trim piece on the instrument panel.
For cars without radios, the "instrument panel radio opening cover" (often referred to (incorrectly) as the "radio-delete plate") and the right side instrument panel bezel are unique to the 60.

This is the 1960 radio with the chrome face bezel as part of the radio.

This is the 1961 radio. The bezel became part of the panel molding.

The speedometers are also different. 1960 has graduations at 5 mph while the 61 and 62 have graduations at 1 mph.

This is the 1960 F speedometer.

This is the 1962 H speedometer.

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