Chrysler 300 Club International

Chrysler 300 Club International

Revised November 2, 2011
300L Console Texture

With surprise I noticed that not all 300Ls have the same
texture in the aluminum on the console.

Here are several pictures of the "brush" texture type console:

The texture seems to be straight brush marks front to back.

Click here for more pictures of interior trim from Don Warnaar's original 300L.

But there appears to be consoles with a "swirl" texture:

The pattern is faint but definite circular marks.

Rolland Westra reminds me that the console is different in the L 4 speed.
Here is a picture of his car:

No surprise, not all L speed consoles are the same, here is one
with what appears to be an original wood-grained decal:

Perhaps you would take a close look at your 300L or 300 Sport console
and let me know if you find another variation.

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