New Grille Medallions
revised 07/15/15

New medallions for the 1960 Chrysler 300 F, the 1961 Chrysler 300 G, and the 1962 Chrysler 300H (and Sport 300) are now available to club members through the club store.

The installation of new medallions on the F and the G is straightforward.
Installation of the new 1962 grille medallion requires just a bit more effort.

This photo shows an original 1962 medallion and the new 1962 medallion.
[The medallions are the same size --the photo was taken at an angle to reduce glare.]

Here are the back sides of the original and of the new medallions.
Note the recess at 12:00 on the original medallion. The new medallion does not have this recess.

A closer view of the back side of the original medallion to show the recess at 12:00.

A close-up view of the grille housing. Note the "nub" at 12:00. The recess on the original
medallion fits over this "nub", providing Chrysler with an easy method to align
the medallion in the grille. The new medallion does not have the recess and
will rock on this "nub". The "nub" can be removed with a file or a chisel.

Now that the alignment nub is gone, you will have to carefully position the emblem
to the proper orientation. RTV adhesive can be used to secure the medallion.
RTV sets slowly to give plenty of time to get the orientation correct.
Mike Falcone writes: "I used 3M double sided auto molding trim tape. It has been on for two years and it still looks great."
Charlie in Ottawa writes: "I used PL Premium construction adhesive. It has been on my car for
5 years with no bleed through and secure as a rock,"
Bob Jasinski writes: "GE RTV silicone clear sealant. 30 years, no problems."

However, one club member used "3M Plastic Emblem & Trim Adhesive" to secure the medallion
and discovered this adhesive attacked the paint and ruined the medallion.

A smart fella might ask:
Why not keep the housing nub and grind a recess into the new medallion?

The recess was molded into the original medallion before it was painted.
If you grind a recess into the new medallion
you will cut through the paint and leave a scar visible to the other side.

The finished product.

Additional information from George Riehl:
The '60 & '61 housings for the grille medallions have the small "nub" at about the 7 o'clock position, located about 1/2" up. This "nub" fits into the recess of the "F" and "G" letter of the emblem which tends to locate the original and the new medallions perfectly.
Since the '62 medallion has no letter in it, Chrysler needed another form of locating the medallion into the housing. That would be the little "notch" in the original medallion that fits onto the cast "nub" at the 12:00 o'clock position in the housing.