Reference Pictures 300G Coupe Disassembly
by Mark Knutsen

These photos were taken during disassembly for reference information.
Some aspects of the car at the time of disassembly, such as the manual chokes,
are not correct for restoration to original condition. However, you will find
this collection of photos useful for solving many of
the usual problems encountered with reassembly.

By the way, Jeff Carter confirmed that the black switch mounted
under the dash was a period correct hazard flasher from Mopar.
See "Engine, interior, trunk" folder picture #374
and "Instrument Panel" folder pictures #000093 and #000094.

Thanks to Mark Knutsen for providing this information.

Initial disassembly
Disassembly continued
Engine, engine bay, steering column disassembly
Engine, interior, trunk
Instrument Panel

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