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Gary Nelson's 1960-1968 Power Steering Bracket Repair
Revised January 23, 2013

Does your old power steering pump wobble more than Elvis?
Maybe what you need is a rebuilt bracket from Gary Nelson.
Here is a view of the rebuilt assembly from below. Note the bushings to support the brackets on the pivot bolt.
This is the top half of the bracket assembly. One of the two bushings is shown.
A close up view of one of the bushings.

From 1960 through 1968, Chrysler used a power steering mount that allowed the pump to float. It is common to see these mounting brackets wobble on cars with high miles. You can have your power steering brackets rebuilt by Gary Nelson to a better-than-new condition. The bracket holes are drilled and new bushings and a new pivot bolt are installed. These provide a larger bearing surface and these rebuilt brackets will last longer than the original design.

To order:
*You need to send your old brackets.
*Buyer is advised to insure items sent to me. I am not responsible for items that I do not receive. UPS is recommended as item rate includes the first $100 value insurance in base charge plus a tracking number.
*The cost for this rebuild service is $90 plus shipping.
*All prices in US dollars.
*Rebuilt brackets are returned unpainted.
*Satisfaction guaranteed or return unused for full refund less shipping. Contact me before any return.
*Shipping costs apply. I combine order for actual ship cost.
*I ship UPS ground unless requested otherwise. Not responsible for lost shipments. I will help to track any lost or delayed item. Any final settlement of lost goods will be through UPS.
*Insurance is included up to $100, $.35 ea. $100 thereafter. Buyer is responsible to ask for additional insurance over $100.
*Not responsible for consequential damages related to parts I sell.
*Not responsible for labor to install and remove a defective part. A small risk you must take.
*Full refund on any part proven to be defective, including shipping.
*Accept personal checks, money orders, PayPal plus a 3% handling fee.

Ship cores and checks to:

Mail payment to:
Gary Nelson
9755 Megan Terrace
Escondido, CA 92026
760.751.1958 PST
or email:

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