revised 09/20/21

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  1. WANTED: 1962 Chrysler, two tail light bezels needed. Contact Doug Wooley at email or (352) 271 4233. (04/06/21)

  2. WANTED: For Hurst: I am looking for any 300 Hurst parts, of course trunk lid and hood . But looking for a great condition rear speaker cover and a passenger side mirror. I would be interested in any door panels or interior parts as well. I have one of these cars in great condition and I am just trying to finish it up! Also is anyone is selling a Hurst 300, please let me know. Contact John Skopos or 727-741-1785. (06/30/21)

  3. WANTED: 1957-59 Mopar convert roof trim. I need the leading edge 3 wide Chrome or SSteel pieces that move with the roof. Contact John Grady at (06/30/21)

  4. WANTED: A crossram set up for a 60, 61 Dodge. Will consider 63, 64 short rams. I need everything including exhaust manifolds. Do not need carbs and distributor.
    I also have a factory 1961 HP383 ram engine original condition and starter motor. I would consider selling the correct engine if I can't find the cross ram parts I need to build it up. Contact Kris at (09/20/21)

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