Steve Albu's 300F - reference car

Steve Albu's magnificient 300F hardtop has travelled only 29,600 miles as of September, 2001 ; Steve's only the second owner since new. The car has always been garaged and pampered, and is quite original, and unrestored. It's one of those rare "reference cars". Please click HERE to read Steve's story about this car.

When I heard about this rare unrestored low-mileage example, I contacted Steve and asked him whether he'd be willing to let me photograph and document this car, for the good of all and the sake of posterity ! Steve extended the welcome mat, and, one day in September 2001, I flew out to California and showed up at his doorstep, camera in hand.

Not only was Steve willing to take the car out and allow me to jack it up, crawl underneath, open everything in sight and photograph the car from every angle, he even insisted that I it ! And, let me tell you, this car is a driver ! Looks, like an "F", smells like an "F", and runs like an "F" : smooth, powerful, impressively quiet and tight.

I have attempted to organize the 225+ pictures I snapped in some kind of cohesive order. I have also added some captions to those pictures that indicate non-original parts. While this is an original car, a very few mechanical components had to be replaced over time. Quite minor cosmetic changes were also made, and are noted. There's so much original stuff on this car that it boggles the mind.

So please click on the logo in front of each of the following links to view various areas of the car, and enjoy this time-travel trip back to 1960 ! All pictures are thumbnailed for quick downloads, just click on any thumbnail you wish to view to obtain a larger picture.

If using these pictures as a benchmark to restore a 300F, one should be aware that all 300F's were NOT created the same, and there were many subtle variations from car to car, and as the production series progressed. Therefore, please use these reference pictures carefully, and please discuss your restoration questions with other Club members, chief judge Gil Cunningham, and the 1960 Chrysler 300F technical advisor, Mr. Bill Codner .

  1. Overall portrait pictures !
  2. VIN tag, data tag and microfilm decoding
  3. Interior
  4. Doors
  5. Hood
  6. Trunk
  7. Interior
  8. Engine compartment
  9. Air conditioning system
  10. Windshield washer system
  11. Engine and transmission from underneath
  12. Front suspension
  13. Rear end
  14. Torsion bars
  15. Lower body
  16. Wiring
  17. Tags

by John Hertog - 2001