300 Brothers
by Marshall Goodnight

Brothers John, Marshall, Nathan and Marshall's college roommate Alan.  Thanksgiving 1962.

John and Annette at about wedding day.  December 1964.

Near mid 70's in my yard when I lived in Gainesville.  That's my Barracuda in the background. 
I was caregiver of John's car for 10 years and this was soon after I stole it from him.

John studied at Texas A&M in late 60's and early 70's.  He used his car in this project.

3 brothers and our Dad sort of in the background.  This was a stop at our homeplace in Vero Beach and was the last time the car was on the road before some restoration disassembly.  The trip was 450 miles from Ft. Lauderdale to Tallahassee when John accepted a new job opportunity.  Summer 1986

Early in the year of their 50 years anniversary they got another photo. 
The car was out of service, but was still operational.  Jan '14.  

Looks like he got serious about some body repairs.  July '15

The quarter panels, trunk surround, and package shelf he extracted from a Windsor Nassau and transferred it as a single very large piece.  It took some serious study before the cutting, but he said
it wasn't really such a hard job.  I'm not convinced!  Oct. '15.  

Some sand blasting and finally the first Platinum to be applied.     Dec '15

Looks to me like some good progress.  Apr '16

The engine is back in place after a thorough freshening and cosmetic fix-up.  Mar '16

On the road again!  First drive on public streets since summer of 1986.  WOW!    October '19

Waiting for some chrome, but now the final stages of resto are underway.  Nov '19

Today, December 15, 2019 it rests in the garage anxiously awaiting upholstery,
and some more of the trim pieces.
Some photos of Marshall's car

As purchased.  I transported it to Oklahoma where I stored it in my barn for 6 months before
hauling it to Florida. The engine and all accessories that were attached to it were removed
long before it had been moved to the salvage yard.  Fortunately, one of our parts cars had a
complete and unbroken 331.  Nov. '06.

Heading to Florida.  My Cousin John Goodknight is pretending to be a Hemi. 
My Brother, the other John Goodknight and myself were enjoying the camraderie.  May '07

The New Yorker engine looks terrible, but I found it in good condition for an easy
freshening and a modification to the specs of an original 300 engine.  It has been flawless. 
I completed most of the engine work before bringing the car to Florida.  The transmission
was still with the car, so I still had that to work on.   Winter '07.

It took me a long time to find the correct carburetors for this '55, but they showed up soon
enough for me to do some serious preparation for the upcoming trip to Bentonville.  Feb '15

My first public showing was in Melbourne, Fl. January 2010 at the annual Mopars of Brevard
Super Swap Meet which I like to attend annually.  Only the front clip had new paint. 
I had sanded off most of the surface rust so that it would not look so awful. 
It was very well received there and attracted a lot of attention.

Our collection of 55's, one New Yorker St Regis, and 2 Chrysler 300's    Probably 2010

All dressed up in a full set of Gary Goers interior works.  Mar '15

On the evening before Thanksgiving 2019.