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The 300F, 300G, 300H 405hp (dealer installed rams), 300J and 300K ram induction engines have two small round air cleaners. They are installed onto the carburetors in a particular way. Attached to the bottom of the base plate is a piece of steel that indexes the air cleaner on the carburetor. They will fit in one more orientation but they should only be mounted one way. The lids can be installed in two ways but have notches for clearance for parts of the air conditioning system on cars so equipped. The notch on the passenger side air cleaner should always face the heater box. The notch on the driver side air cleaner could face the center of the engine or out toward the fender. Most press photos show the driver side notch facing out toward the fender. Note that if the notch faces out, the service decal will be facing the firewall. Click here for more information on service decal placement.

Keep in mind, that with all things Chrysler, there are variations from the factory so choose what works best for you.

1960 Chrysler 300F engine shown below.

Passenger side air cleaner.

Driver side air cleaner.
The yellow marks below show the approximate orientation of the locator tabs on the air cleaner bases.

Carl Bilter's 1963 300J engine shown below. Includes correct decal location.

Note that on the 1964 Chrysler 300K Ram engine, the air cleaner bases were changed to give more clearance from the firewall.
Click here to see the differences in 1960-64 Ram Air Cleaners.

Service Decal Placement Guidelines
The service decals on these air cleaners should be installed in one general area on each air cleaner. Since the air cleaners came from the supplier with the decals already affixed, each car would have a decal on each air cleaner.

The decal goes on the side without the notch, across from the wing nuts. Placement varies from side to side somewhat. Review the period photos below to see where they were located.

Note: The air cleaners came from the supplier painted and assembled with the filter and one wing nut holding it together. That wing nut was painted with the air cleaner. The other wing nut was installed on the assembly line and was a natural finish.

The following are historical pictures showing various air cleaner orientations. Not all correct.

From the 1960 300F brochure.

From 1960 300F advertisement.

From the 1960 300F service manual supplement.

From the 1960 Ross Roy Data Book.

1960 300F press photo with highlighted engine components.
There was also a color version.

Cover of Sportscar Graphic Magazine.
Uses color version of press photo above.

From Tom McCahill's 1960 Car Owner Handbook.

From 1961 Car Life Magazine 300G road test.

Press photo with Bob Rodger and the 1963 300J engine.

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