F, G Paint Behind Grille Area

By Noel Hastalis

Just for kicks, I reviewed my photo files and created a spreadsheet of core support paint combinations I saw. I've also attached a sheet showing the '61 core support paint combo that John Begian texted me - although I see it's a DeSoto but am guessing it's the same for '61 Chryslers.

The attached schedule tracks the following for non-black cars, as best as I could tell from my photos -

Owner of the car

'60 or '61

Body color

Coupe or convertible

Location - where I took the photo

Column F - 'X' - if the front of the core support was painted black.

Column G - 'X' - if the front of the core support is body color.

Column H - 'X' - if the inner fenders just ahead of the core support have some black overspray - I think this is how you it should appear.

The only cars that have this paint treatment are -

An all original PP1 F coupe at Mystic and another Meet. I don't know the owner.

Gil's blue F convertible

Mike Burke's yellow F coupe

Scott Dejka's red G coupe - that Gary Goers significantly assisted in the restoration

Andy's white G coupe

Your white G coupe

Column I - 'X' - if the core support is painted black, but was taped off so there's no overspray on the inner fenders just ahead of the core support.

Column J - 'B' - if body color; 'X' if black. Note that a few cars (marked 'Xa') have the upper more horizontal part of this hood latch post painted body color, and the vertical part that runs down behind the grille is painted black.

Column K - 'X' if the horns are painted black.

Let me know if you have any further comments. I'm going to paint the front side of my F's core support black, but I haven't decided if I'm going to do the overspray treatment.