Carter AFB Carburetor Parts Sourcing

by Bill Elder

I recently acquired 4 AFB carbs, a pair of 3505sa (J/Ram K) carbs that I hoped to restore for my ram K and a pair of 3447sa (max wedge) carbs. The seller warned me in advance that the 3505s were very rusty and one of them had a broken base. They must have sat out in the weather for a long time. In an effort to remove one of them from the rams someone had drilled out the mounting studs and broke the base plate casting. Every shaft, pivot point and screw were seized. The other one had a crack that extended into the accelerator pump well. So, I turned my attention to the max wedge carbs. Visually, these are identical to the J carbs, right down to the manual chokes. I believe that someone might have used these two on an in-line setup. One carb. was complete except for the fast-idle components. It was missing the bracket on the end of the choke shaft, linkage and fast - idle cam. Both were shy the choke cable bracket. The other carb had zero choke parts. The return spring, choke shaft, butterfly and all of the fast-idle stuff was missing and I found out that the choke shaft housing had been flattened enough to make it impossible to insert a choke shaft. Regardless these were the two that I would restore.

I turned to the J carbs to see if I could scavenge enough parts to make the max wedges complete. Well, I could see that I could get enough parts to set up the fast-idle on the carb that had most of the choke parts. If I could get the parts off. I started out by sticking this carb in a WD40 bath for a week. The screw in the end of the choke shaft and the screw that the fast-idle cam pivots on were all that separated me from victory. They put up a huge fight but finally succumbed to a propane torch, candle wax, a chisel, a hammer and the biggest screw driver that I own. For the other max wedge, all I would be able to score from the J carbs would be, if I was lucky, a choke shaft and butterfly.

So, I turned to the internet. I based my parts search on googling, “Max Wedge”. I found that these words had a lot more magic than J/Ram K. I am going to list various parts web sites and comment on what I found.

Carburetor Cleaner:
An internet search led me to buying a 96, fluid ounce can of Berryman Products 0996-Arm carburetor cleaner, with a dipping basket. I bought it through Amazon. I should be able to deep clean every component. Sadly, the top of an AFB will fit into the can and be 95% submerged. There is no way the main body will drop into the original can. I found a container that would allow me to cover about half of the main body, after filling it from the main can.

Gunk Engine Degreaser:
I started the process by giving the exterior of the carbs a spray down and brushing with Gunk. This removes any exterior oil and grease. I finished the bath with a spray down of mineral spirits and a blow off before I started the disassembly. Why water down the carb cleaner with exterior grease?

Mike’s Carburetor Parts
I searched all of their various components that they list and I decided to buy their carburetor rebuild kit for 3505s and 3447s carbs, K6120. Their description of the parts stated that their components “meets or exceeds original manufacturers specifications”, but the real seller for me, was their kit has a leather accelerator pump, which is ethanol fuel resistant. The needles were also Viton tipped. When the kits arrived, I reviewed them. The only part that I will not use was the mounting gasket. They are too thin, nowhere near the original 0.120” thickness and there was no gasket for the air cleaner to air horn.

A &A Transmission
I saw their add in Mopar collector’s Guide and went to their website From their home page, I clicked on the engine box. There was also a box for 727 and 904 torqueflites. I did a quick scan of the 727 items while I was there and they do list some 62 – 66 parts. It would be worth a more in depth look if you were in need of trans. parts. From the dropdown boxes under Engine, I was able to find choke cable brackets for the 3447s carbs. MWCB3447. They are not the same configuration as the ones used on the 3505s carbs but would bolt right on and do the same job. So, I had one vital missing component for my missing choke situation.

Chicago Carburetor
I scanned their website and came across a listing for their part number M4072 CHOKE ASSEMBLY 3447s AFB 2X4. There was no further description or pictures. They only listed a price of $208. I was thinking that for that price, they should have all of the choke components. I sent them an e-mail with a request for a parts list. They came back with a disappointing “This part is no longer available.”

Carbs Unlimited
The home page for Carbs Unlimited opens up with a bunch of radio buttons. I clicked on the parts button and you come to a list of carburetors and you choose your carb to get a screen of related parts. I was able to find some parts that I wanted to replace because they were missing or looked worn. The accelerator pump linkage arm on my carbs were showing excessive wear on the center hole, where the S link attaches. Their part number CU9000-1 gets you all of the related components. I also wanted to replace the air/idle mixture screws, just to be safe. These will also fit newer Edelbrock carbs. I also needed some replacement set screws for the throttle and choke butterflies. I was also looking for 10/32 X 5/8 machine screws that hold the top plate onto the main body. There are listings for other 10/32 machine screws, but they were the wrong length. I eventually found them under the general parts list for all carburetors; but not the parts specific to AFBs.
For hemi 300s, this website has a pretty long list of components for the WCFBs. Worth a look.