Replacement of Fan Blower Motor 1960 era Chrysler

by Tony Rinaldi

A number of years ago, Dave Schwandt wrote an article about his discovery of a replacement blower motor for his 1960 "F" distributed by Peterbilt Trucks.

It had been used in circa 1984 trucks and is the Fasco Heater Motor, #2807-516-039. This motor can be used in Imperials from 1960-66 and senior Mopars from 1960-64.

The motor is no longer distributed by Fasco but the original OEM does still make it in Canada. To acquire one of these, call your nearest Kenworth/Peterbilt dealer's parts counter and order a Paccar HA1100 blower motor (*). Expect to pay about $50.00. Do not ask for the original Fasco number as it no longer computes. Mine came in an original Fasco box.

The studs match up with the second set of holes in the mounting bracket. The wiring connection is: black to black, red to brown, orange to green. The motor is a 2 speed CW motor just like our originals. Many people think they are 3 speed motors, but the lowest third fan setting is accomplished by a resistor in our wirings or switches. It has been installed and works perfectly. 3 speeds and all.

I want to also thank Jerry Olson for his advise in replacing the motor without having to take the center console out for the fan motor replacement in my 300F convertible.

(*) Update Jan 2019: The current number is Paccar HA 1105.

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