Dealer Installed Seat Belts for 1960-1961

Thanks to Bob Jasinski for this information.

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Sister hooks
(Part of Safety Belt Assembly)

Eye nut


1/2" dia hole

Body bracket
or frame

Hex head bolt

Reinforcement and stud used where no body frame is available under the floor panel.

Flatten and/or cut off reinforcement
when space or clearance requires.

Seat Belt Fastenings

Attachment of buckle and webbing assemblies to body

Engage both hooks in body mounted eye

Self locking nut

Line up holes and fasten sister hooks together with screw and locknut

Screw and nut must be installed to prevent unintended disengagement of sister hooks.


Figure 5 Detail

Mount cam type buckles to outside of car.

Mount metal to metal buckles to inside of car.

Drill 1/2" diameter hole in floor pan for inner mounting in line
with outer mounting and approximately as shown in section through tunnel.

Drill 1/2" diameter hole in floor pan for outer mounting. Use 3/8" dia. dimple as locator for drilling.

Eyenut console
Washer Tunnel
Assy and bolt

Slit carpet down over eyenuts. Attach belts
with sister hooks to eyenuts. Line up holes in
hooks and install screws and lock nuts.

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