Electric Fuel Pump Installation on a 300F
by Paul Martin

After an expensive engine rebuild and tune up I was still having troublestarting the car after it sat for a while. Research indicated I should install an in-line electric fuel pump that I could turn on when needed and allow the mechanical pump to flow through when the motor was running. After consulting the club's web site I ordered a pump from John Lazenby on his recommendation. The pump is an in line Facet Purolator.

I chose a location forward of the fuel tank in relation to the stock fuel line

The trunk had a brace here so the screws securing the pump will not protrude the trunk floor.

Mounting location was chosen and holes marked and drilled. Then area was primed.

The pump was assembled using an inline filter and adapter elbow. The wiring connector selected was stock MOPAR

The wire for power feed (white with red) was run through the same grommet as the fuel gauge wire though the trunk floor and connected to the rear defogger feed. I will install another switch later when I remove the back seat. For now I wanted to get the pump functional.

The pump fitted to the tank line using new hose and clamps.

Installed and wired up In line Pump.

Full view, all wired up, you can't see the hot lead into the trunk in this photo.

For starting with the ignition in the on position to start, I turn on the defogger switch and allow the pump to run until the car starts. No more long cranking and the car fires right up.

Royze Inc.
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