Electric Fuel Pump Installation on a 300H
by Dave Mason

This installation was done to be able to prime carbs after sitting, but to leave engine operation on the mechanical pump while driving. Itís possible to run the car on the electric pump, as a back up. The pump came from Napa. It is Facet model 40-104. Low pressure, 1.5 to 4 psi, so this will be fine for priming carbs without need for pressure regulator. The best place for mounting seemed to be above the rear differential in between where the tops of the rear shocks are anchored. The pump is in-line with the main fuel line and runs to the mechanical pump. It is not a separate line with a return. The mechanical pump pulls through the electric pump when the electric pump is off.

The hot wire runs through a cap plug to avoid sharp edges.

The wire is run underneath the carpet along the passenger side and is connected to the glove box light with this constructed connector. The two plug ends allow for simply connecting in series to the glove box light wire, and the red fusible link connects to a lit rocker switch. Utilizing the glove box light circuit allows for operation of the pump when the key is off and when starting. The rocker on/off switch is mounted under the dash and is lighted to see when it is on or off. Unfortunately I do not have a part number for the rocker switch since it was something purchased from Radio Shack years ago.

I hope this helps someone.

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