1960 Chrysler Generator Rebuild

Noel Hastalis writes:
About 3 years ago, Joe rebuilt my 300-F generator, and recalibrated my 5 generator regulators, none of which were correct, even new in the box. Now I'm going to have him rebuild my 300-F's old heater motor. I replaced it this past winter with the truck-sourced motor recommended on our website, which works, but is noisier than the original Chrysler motor.

Pictured below is the rebuild-restoration of a 300F generator. Other rebuilders declared the unit un-repairable but Joe worked his magic and it is working again. If you want Joe to rebuild your generator, here is his contact information:
Joe Serritella
Email: joe@vintagevoltage.com

Field Housing before disassembly. Note the "shorted" fields.

Field Housing after disassembly and glass beading and before the    
interior surfaces were "clearcoat" sealed to prevent future rusting     
which could lead to premature failure of the field coils.

Completed Field Housing Assembly. 

Armature as removed from generator. Note several
"shorts" were present between the commutator segments.

Close up of the commutator. Twenty-nine insulation slots
had to be re-undercut to clear the "shorts."

Reconditioned armature with pole shoes & new field coils.

Underside of pole shoes had to be "relieved" via die grinding
to accommodate the new coils which were slightly thicker in size.

Small parts after cleaning.

End plate castings after glass beading.   

a) Install generator & voltage regulator.    
 b) Tighten belt tension & all mounting bolts/screws.     
c) Connect wires to both generator & voltage regulator.     
d) Re-connect battery.     
e) Momentarily touch the "GEN" terminal to the "BAT" terminal
on the voltage regulator with a 10-12 gauge jumper wire. All
that is needed is to touch the terminals with the "jumper" until
a spark occurs. This should happen within a fraction of a second.  

 f) Polarization is now complete. Note, these instructions are only
correct for Autolite & Delco Remy standard duty generators.
Heavy duty & Ford generators have a different polarization
procedure. So be careful on sharing this info with your buddies.