Carb Choke Stove Repair

by John Grady

The Studebaker club newsletter "Turning Wheels" this month had some cool information for cars with a heat tube for hot air choke stoves. Looks to me Studes used the same system as our Hemis, and maybe the E and H as well. The problem is these stove systems will corrode a hole into the air pipe inside the exhaust passage and will allow exhaust flow into the choke hot air suction. This wrecks the choke spring. I bet many in club think exhaust is supposed to be up in there, but it is not!

NAPA has a part NOE6101116 which is a little half can like thing that you strap tight to manifold or head pipe. It has a fitting on the can end for hot air outlet and a metal pipe to replace the one to  carb. This probably works a lot better than stock and I  think you would not see it below manifold if installed cleverly. Then there will never be any exhaust into the carb choke, just hot air. I like it. The price for this part is under $20.