C D E Hood Latch Adjustment

by John Grady

I think it is important to mention that the hood latch catch pin on the C D E hoods can be adjusted wrong. In proper operation, the factory hood latch has two catches (upper and lower) to mesh with the hood pin. But it is possible to screw the pin far enough back up into the hood mount plate such that it hooks ONLY the upper catch. Adjusted like that, the hood may blow open.

The key is that the hood pin needs to go through TWO catches. With the pin in proper adjustment and the hood full closed, the hood pin is retained by the lower catch and the hood is pressing on the pop up spring. When released, the hood will pop up an inch or two. If you don't get the pop up, odds are your hood pin is not adjusted correctly.

This ties into the safety catch that we sell. When installing the catch, guys take this pin out and lose the adjustment. Make a point to check the hood pin for engagement on two catches before finishing the job.