1960-61-62 Headlight Switches

You might think the headlight switches for these three years would be the same -- they are all Astradome instrument panels. You would be wrong.

The 60 and 61 are nearly the same. The wires mate to the switch with individual connectors, their pull stem is round with a flat on one side, their pull stem release button is on top. The difference 60-61 seems to be in the front end, around the rheostat area, although this does not prevent using a 60 switch in a 61 or vice versa.

Pull shaft is round with one flat.

The 62 switch is significantly different. The wires mate to the switch with a gang connector in the wiring harness, the pull stem is triangular, and the pull stem release button is on the bottom. This style switch was use for a few years and is available new today from NAPA, their part number HL6571.

Triangular pull shaft

Marshall Larson writes:
I am happy to share what I have learned about the differences and incompatibilities.
I purchased the switch you mentioned from NAPA (HL6571) and it has the triangle opening it the rheostat hub. With careful grinding I have modified the hub to fit the round with flat side stem from my F. It is also necessary to modify the power wire such that it provides power to both power connections on the Napa switch. Individual F wires will connect to it rather than finding the multi wire connector normally used with it.

My thanks to Don Verity and John Nowosaski for contributing to this article.

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Headlight switches from the Imperial.
Similar to the 62 but with bigger rheostats.

Headlight switches for a 1960 Imperial.