From Ray Jones:

Here's an article with photos for members who think they can't have a Lift.

My kids gave me a lift for Christmas in 2005. Great Kids!!
It has a 9,000 lb. capacity, and measures 11' 9" foot high by about 134" wide.
It cost $1850. Delivered.
You'll need a tractor with a bucket or front end loader to get it off the freight truck.

Problem: My shop has 10 ft high side-walls with a truss roof.
With other things to do and pondering it, it took 9 months to form a plan.
Solution: Cut the middle out of a truss and use the lift as structural supports.
So here's what I did, with very little help.

This is my shop. 30 X 50 with a 12 X 16 shed on the near side for garden stuff
and a 23 X 60 shed on the far side for car and tractor parking

Here's part of the inside, that's the woodworking end.
The truss with the license plates on it is the middle and the one I'll cut for the lift.

I chose the overhead cable style so there is a clear floor. Here's the lift loosely set in place.
I placed it off center towards one wall so as to have as much flat floor on one side as I could.
Now to make the lift legs part of the truss.

This shows how the lift leg and the truss are connected.
I cut opposite flanges off of a piece of 12" "I" beam to form a "Z".
Then drilled it and installed longer bolts where the lift leg and it's extension bolt together.
Then installed a vertical 2 X 8 up to the top cord of the truss. Then bolted them all together.

Another view, showing the vertical 2 X 8.

Now to get the lights, wiring, and stringers out of the middle.
I've already removed several truck loads of lumber and suchlike which was stored on the stringers.
The yellow 2 X 2 square tube on the right supports a truss joint. I tend to overdo.

Here it is with the center of the truss cut out.
I added a top chord from side to side, all bolted in.
Lights relocated and extras added.

Carol Cunningham and their new F convertible up for inspection.
I gotta watch car placement as there only 10 foot clear each way from the Lift Legs.
Trusses were on 10 foot centers.

Gil says "All the parts are still here!
This is much better than laying on your back with the tool you need on the bench!"

For those who need to know,
this is what the bottom of the Chief Judge's car looks like! He's tougher on himself!

By the way, the lift was very easy to assemble. All the hardware was there and I only needed help to
stand the legs up and place the cross bar; less than 1 hour to do that.
If anyone has any questions, e-mail me at or call me 1-479-394-5738.
The Lift came from: American Automotive Equipment. It's the same one as in Harbor Freight but over $1,000 cheaper. Get on their email list, as they have sales from time to time.

No Excuses, just "Get'er Done" Ray Jones.

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