Mallory Tach Drive Distributor
By Tony Rinaldi

Installation of Unilite #3857801 Electronic Distributor

This distributor replaces the mechanical tach drive dual point distributors in 413 and 440 engines.
This installation was done on a 1960 Chrysler 300 F.
Skills needed: Basic knowledge for distributor installation, wiring, and engine timing.

To center the mechanical tach cable connection and have maximum distributor adjustment,
it was required to rotate the distributor wire positions clockwise one position.
This distributor does not use a vacuum advance so the vacuum tube was removed
and the opening at the carb base sealed with a threaded plug.

Brown to ground. This installation used the passenger side bolt of the coil clamp.
Green to signal wire from original distributor.
Red to switched 12V from ballast resistor.