Spark Plug Wires On 300F and 300G Ram Induction Engines

September 18, 2011

The spark plug wire brackets on F and G engines are unique to the ram engines.
And the F and G have minor differences as well.

Here are some reference pictures from the disassembly
of an F convertible (VIN 8403 141960) by John Hertog.








The location of this wire holder may vary slightly, or may not be present on some 300Fs.




This two wire holder is not used on the late 300Fs and all 300Gs.

Commentary by Gil Cunningham

Note all tall brackets are the same, "right hand offset".
The ends are dipped in rubber. These brackets are fresh.

300F and G brackets are not painted, except those attached to the head bolts or the valve cover which are painted black with the engine. The remainder are not painted as they are put on later when the ram manifolds are installed.
The long, skinny brackets are all secured by the ram manifold bolts-----numbers 3 and 4 on the right side, and numbers 2 and 4 on the left. (Counting from the front.)
Both left side brackets "face" rearward. The right side ones "face" away from each other. Only #8 wire utilizes the right side, while both #7 and #5 use the left.

The following pictures are of a G engine
The valley pan should be painted black. It is natural color on this engine to give contrast for the photos.

Driver side, 1 ram removed for view.
1driver4 1driver5

Same view for the passenger side

1 ram removed for view.

To the block mounted brackets:

This is the left side front, the black bracket on the black engine and the black valve cover.
Little wonder it doesn't photo well.

With cardboard inserted for contrast, thar she be!
Gil says: "Very late 300Fs and all 300Gs do not use the head bolt attached two wire bracket under the power steering pump for wires #1 and #3. Instead, these cars use the "standard" B engine bracket attached to the valve cover bolt and are routed over that cover." That is the bracket you see here.

Driver's side rear wire bracket on head bolt

Passenger side rear wire bracket on head bolt

Passenger side 4 wire bracket on head bolt and 2 wire bracket in back.

Gil says: "On some Fs and Gs (perhaps all Gs) the 2 wire bracket is secured by a head bolt
in the vicinity of #4 -- #6 sparkplug."

Wire routing on the "G" (F is mostly the same) is quite the arrangement!

Gil says:
1. Wires #1 and #3 go thru the four way bracket attached to the left front intake manifold bolt, over the left valve cover, thru the 2-way wire bracket which is secured to the lower front valve cover attachment nut and then to their respective spark plugs. Note: #3 nipple is an obtuse angle to provide dipstick clearance. All others are right angle and a reddish-brown color. Distributor end nipples are all straight and black except for #1 which is red.
2. Wires #5 and #7 also go thru the 4-way bracket, then turn rearward and pass under the ram tubes, thru the two 2-way long narrow brackets secured by the intake manifold bolts (left side of engine). They then curl around the rear of the head and pass thru the 2-way bracket attached to the left rear head bolt. #7 of course is then attached to its nearby spark plug, while #5 continues on forward to its plug.
3. Wires #2, #4, and #6 go from the distributor right and down to the 4-way bracket secured by the right front head bolt. From there, they go rearward to their respective spark plugs. On some "Gs" there is a wire bracket near the #6 spark plug secured with a head bolt.
4. FINALLY (!) #8 plug wire goes from the distributor rearward under the ram manifold and thru the TWO long 2-way brackets attached to the manifold bolts (right side of engine). It then curls down and thru the 2-way small bracket attached with the right rear head bolt and on to its nearby spark plug.

These are pictures of the reproduction wire brackets offered by Gary Goers.
The "left handed" tall brackets should be bent as "right handed".

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