Seat Belt Kits in 1955, 1956

Photos by John Cote and Sean Morgan

John says:
These documents indicate the availability of seat belts as stated in a 1955 bulletin and also describe and picture the rear of the front seat installation of the seat belt "beam" on the seat frame and then anchored via cables through the floor to the "frame" of the car. Apparently only dealer installed as I have not a factory price for the belts as an option.

Sean says:
I am certain that some '56 cars had factory fitted front seatbelts. In fact, in such cars the lower rear seat frame beam has been furnished with special elongated slots with radius ends machine pressed into the frame to receive the webbing on seat belt cars with the belt mount being backed up in turn by cable lanyards & U-bolts securing this same special seat frame beam to the floor of the car at chassis mount points.

The belts have an Aviation style buckle marked Air Associates Inc. on flip release. They are marked with "Mopar" part number "168 5020" with the extra info: "Chrysler corp. MS 3047" and have the Forward look Logo. They are a silvery Grey-Khaki color.

I have seen some cars fitted in an identically neat, factory style in my research, whilst others appear to be fitted from a kit in various incarnations, some being more crudely installed, perhaps being dealer installed, but having same PART NUMBERS.

I hope this information assists.
Best Regards
Sean Morgan in Melbourne, Australia
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