300G Steering Box
by Don Verity

September 19, 2011

The steering box in the G leaks and I wanted to repair it before the Lake George meet.

With the steering column removed, this is what you see looking down through the floor.

With some heaving and twisting, the box can be removed through the inner fender opening.
It is not easy, but easier than dealing with removal of the exhaust and torsion bar.

Here is the box on the bench.

Looking at the input collar. Note the marks I made so I can align the spline shaft.

Another view of the input collar.

Withthe collar removed, the splined input shaft is visible.

The lash adjuster.

The valve removed.

The shaft coming out.

Disassembly near complete

The bore of the housing

The bore of the housing cleaned up.

Internal parts clean waiting for seal package

Internals installed. Needles bearings installed and lubed with transmission assembly lube.

Close up of bearings

Shaft and cover installed. Valve body position was scribed on housing prior to removal.
After everything was installed and adjusted, there are no leaks and steering wheel is still perfectly centered. Steering box position was adjusted according to the service manual.

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