1964 Chrysler Convertible Visors
by Legendary Interiors

April 2013

With the help of Bob Merritt, Don Cole and Jamie Hyde, the 1964 K convertible sun visors have been reproduced and are now offered for sale by Legendary Auto Interiors. Bob provided the samples to be patterned from, Don suggested that the most popular color was white, and Jamie Hyde paid for the first set to be built. These visors are of the highest quality, look exactly like the factory parts, and they will pass Concours judging. The visors even include the small chrome end clips, stitching pitch, with the correct thread diameter. The visors do not include the chrome mounts, you must reuse yours. If you want to order a set for yourself please contact Chris Robbins at Legendary 800-363-8804 extension 222, and mention that you are in the 300 club. Legendary stated that they are going to be listed in their retail catalog for $129.00 a pair plus shipping and will be offered in all the other factory colors. Upon actual inspection you will be very impressed with the quality of these replacement visors, and you should not be disappointed.

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