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John R. Cote

Married: Lynne, RPh.

Residence: Home: Guilford, CT., New England's Gold Coast.

Hometown: Matured in Clinton, NY near Syracuse.

Contact Info: Reach me at: Home; 203-457-1200, cell; 203-988-7550,


History: My Dad taught me most of what I know mechanically when we Go-Kart raced. The rest through college with B.S. & Doctor of Pharmacy over 7 years. Licensed pharmacist.

Traveler's aid: Sure, I'll give it a shot.

Work: Previously on faculty at UConn, Yale and Yale-New Haven Hospital for 8 years. Subsequently, founded and owned the first home medical infusion company in Connecticut providing intravenous nutrition, antibiotics, chemotherapy, and specialty injections. Now I am retired, so don't ask me about your prescriptions!

Other Clubs: Both 300 Clubs member since 1995. Others - DeSoto and WPC Clubs.

First Cars: '53 Studebaker 2 door Coupe V-8 stick, (would do 50 MPH in first overdrive), '56 Dodge Sierra wagon (blew out reverse - go figure).

The Keeper: '56 New Yorker Convertible used to date Lynne at college and purchased from my Dad for a dollar when we got married. (Oh yeah, the wife is a keeper also.)

Other Stable Mates: A second '56 NYer Convert., '56 DeSoto Indianapolis Pace Car Convert., '61 NYer, '61 Newport, and '60 Windsor hardtop wagons, and '57 Gauguin Red 300C Convert. (with 27K miles).

Car experience to remember: : At 20, drove alone the '56 NYer Convert. from NY to LA in '68 just to find a Summer job. Also drove it to Tijuana where it didn't get stolen. Returned with surfboard out the unzipped rear window.

Other Experience: Making and selling '55 - '56 door sill plates for 2-door Chryslers, Imperials and DeSotos.

Recreation: Hockey player until 3 years ago and driving with the top down.


February, 2011