Member’s Biography Page

Revised November 10, 2023

We have started a new page for the Club web site;
a biography page for members.
This is a great way for members to get acquainted with other members.

Here are some samples:

Burt Bouwkamp
Carl Bilter
John Cote
Tom Cox
Paul DelGrande
Tom Denkler
Ron Fedoryk
Joe Gridley
Jon Finstrom
John Holst
Jamie Hyde
Larry Jett
Ray Jones
Roger Karlson
Rob Kern
Jim Krausmann
Mick Kreszock
Ron Kurtz
John Lazenby
Bill Leahy
Mark Love
John Lyons
Paul Martin
Doug Mayer
Jim McDonnell
Terry McTaggart
Bob Merritt
John Nowosacki
Danny Plotkin
John Rebolj
Ivan Regös
Dan Reitz
Tony Rinaldi
Bill Rust
Carlton Schroeder
Shannon Steele
Don Verity

Send in your bio. Have fun with it.
You can include as much or as little information as you want.
Just write it up and send it to the Electronic Communication Committee
Bob Merritt or Nick Taylor
or use this handy fill in page.

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