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Tom Cox

Spouse: Dannis

Residence: Andersen, South Carolina, half way between Atlanta and Charlotte on I-85.

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 2001.

Traveler's aid: Yes

Work: CPA.

Other Clubs: Chrysler 300, Challenger, WP Chrysler, Corvette.

Current Stable: 300 F convertible, 38 Imperial Roadster, 46 Dodge Truck, 67 GTX (clone) Hemi 4-speed convertible, 2010 Challenger R/T.

Automotive History: Bought a 58 Dodge Super D-500 and a 57 Imperial convertible but found out quickly that the restoration costs exceeded the value of the finished product except in rare cases. Then I learned about Letter Cars and figured out this was exception. My dad had a 64 Chrysler 300 4 Dr HT Black/Black. I loved that car! So, I bought a couple of 300 C's, an F coupe and convertible and a couple of G coupes. My greatest love was the F convertible so I sold the rest to be able to afford to finish the convertible. It is now completed and we drive it a lot. In SC, we usually have a 50-60 degree weekend at least once a month during the winter, so Dannis and I take it for a spin whenever we can. We went through five water pumps that failed for various reasons so we stay somewhat close to town but we are now traveling about 50-75 miles out. I hope it is finally fixed.

300 Letters Owned: Bought and sold 2 300 C's and 2 300 G's before they were restored. I restored a 300F coupe but sold it to fund the restoration of the convertible.

Aspirations: I used to want to own a full stable of collector cars, but finally realized I could only drive one at a time and I was better off having a few that I loved. John Hertog told me that I should buy a "driver" so I could enjoy it while searching for the ultimate car. I should have taken his advice; it was sound. I sure do miss him!
I aspire only to enjoy what I have: a beautiful wife, semi-happy children and four or five cars that I can drive anytime I want.

I bet you didn't know: The F coupe I restored ended up in the TV series, Rizzoli & Isles, in the first episode. It was owned by a fellow that had been in prison for 40 years and when he got out, he used it in a crime. I realized it was my car because I replaced the 14" wheels with 15" wheels and I converted 15" "Disk Brake" hub caps that look like G hub caps, however, I put the "wheel cog" centers from the F caps on the larger 15" hub caps. When the police found a bag used in the crime, they pulled out a hub cap and I knew then it was from my car. The towed the car to the police station and there it was in all it's glory. I saved the episode on my DirectTV DVR and I watch it occasionally. The car is now owned by Victor Koontz out west. He knows some folks that use collector cars in various advertising and television venues


February, 2011