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Ron Fedoryk

Spouse: Jeanie

Cat: Isabella

Residence: Florida

Hometown: East Meadow, New York

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 1998.

Work: Too many to list. Last employment was with State Farm Insurance as a Structual Damage Appraiser; Before that, General Contractor in California; California Realtor; Construction Super; Motel Owner for six years in Keene, New Hampshire; Union Carpenter.

Other Clubs: Both 300 Clubs, WPC Club, Spring Hill Drifters, Florida; Citrus Mopars, Florida and have been member of other clubs over the years.

Current Stable: 300C, Cloud White, not quite finished yet. Needs Interior, chrome and good set of tires.

Automotive History: Back in 1998, I restored my first 300C, Paint Code ZZZ. I am now in the process of another 300C. Over the years I also restored a 56 Dodge CRL and a 57 Dodge CRL.

Other Collector Cars Owned: I have owned over the past 50 or so years: 1931 LaSalle Club Coupe; 1937 Plymouth 4dr, 1947 Ford 4dr; 1948 DeSoto 4dr, 1953 Ford Convertible; 1967 Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon; Three 1957 Chevy Bel Airs; Two 1965 Pontiac GP's; 1948 DeSoto 4dr, 1957 Chrysler Saratoga; 1966 Plymouth Satelite; 1970 Dodge Challenger RTSE and probably a few more which I have forgotten.

If I Won The Lottery: First of all I would take care of my entire family. Then, I would try to buy back my 1957 300C ZZZ, (by the way I named him MR.C). I would also seek out my previous cars and build a building that could house them and keep them for a historic purpose for all the world to see.

I bet you didn't know: I am also a Pilot and build RC model airplanes for my Grandchildren to hang in their bedrooms.


March, 2011