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Ray Jones

Spouse: JoAnn

Residence: Mena, Arkansas

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 1977. National Meet Coordinator since 1993.

Traveler's aid: Yes

Work: Retired master mechanic.

Current Stable:: '65 300L, '70 300 Hurst, '66 convertible, '79 Li'l Red Express P/U, '83 Dodge 400 convertible, '93 Dodge Dakota 4 wheel drive P/U, 2006 Chrysler Touring Van W. P. Chrysler Signature Edition.

Automotive History: First car was a 1933 Chevy coupe in 1956, first Mopar was my 1965 L in 1974, bought for $10. and some VW parts. Only Mopar since then. Only one new car, a 1990 Plymouth Voyager Van. Also had a Li'L Deuce Coupe with a blueprinted 331 c.i. Hemi, a bad butt car! Many other nifty neat cars, sadly, all gone now…..

300 Letters Owned:1965 300L, since 1974, over 500,000 miles; 1970 300 Hurst (console) since 1985

Aspirations: I want hit the Lottery and buy Jay Leno's shop & car collection!

I bet you didn't know: I met Al Moon in 1978. He saw my L in the parking lot of the VW Dealer where I worked. They soon visited my home and we've been great friends since (Gloria and Jo Ann are "Sista's") I met Don Rook @ the 1980 Pennsville, NJ meet (Jo's and my1st meet), I miss him…..
We've attended 46 Meets in the last 34 years, Hosted 4 Meets, made many wonderful friends, met many more great people and had the best vacations ever!


February, 2011