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Ron Kurtz

Spouse: Maureen

Residence: 12 Old Castle Drive, Monroe, CT., 06468

Contact Info: Phone: (203) 261-6552, Cell: (203) 260-1950

Tenure In Club: 21 years.

Traveler's aid: Most definitely, 24/7

Work: Retired but still rebuilding MoPars.

Other Clubs: Slant 6 (now defunct)

Current Stable: 59 Chrysler 300E (owner since 1966), 1964 Chrysler Newport Convertible (owner since 1976), 1979 Chrysler LeBaron Super Six (my dad's car, been in the family since new), 2008 Chevy HHR SS (bought new - daily driver), 2008 Chevy Equinox (Maureen's ride).

300 Letters Owned: 2 300Ks

History: I bought the E in 1966 for $600. I raced this car off the line until the timing chain spun in 1967. It literally gobbled up everything that pulled along side me at a red light, including a menacing ram inducted Dodge Polara. I put the car in a rented garage so I could replaced the timing chain and associated gears. I continued to tear up the streets with a 1960 Saratoga 4v 383.
I went to Vietnam in 1969, taking with me the list of Mopar Parts Wholesalers that was in the front of the parts manual. I carried the pages in a plastic envelope in my helmet liner and wrote when I could for new parts when I had the time. By this time I was commited to a full restoration of E #292. NOS letters for the Chrysler name were only 68 cents apiece at the time.
I bought the 64 Newport for only $150 in 1976 for Maureen. It had a damaged left front fender, bald tires and a crazed and scratched rear window that didn't zipper up all the way. We used the car until 1981 when it was time to do some major work after 106 thousand miles. One thing led to another until everything was removed from the uniframe. I'm glad to say the car will be on the road again in 2012, somewhat modified with 300K brakes (11x3 front and rear), transmission, suspension (including torsion bars and anti-sway bar), wheels (14x6), differential (3.23 posi) and Eaton springs.
My Dad's '79 LeBaron still looks like it came out of the showroom (with the help of some body putty after a couple of accidents. It's an original and I enjoy driving it, although not as quick or nimble as my beloved E.


December, 2011