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John Lazenby

Spouse: Christie

Residence: California

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 1986. Club Model Year Consultant for the C300 and 300B.

Traveler's aid: Yes

Work: Royze Inc.

Other Clubs: Der Kleiner Panzers Volkswagen Club (co-founding member)

Current Stable: C300, B, C, 55 Imperial Newport, 55 New Yorker DeLuxe Town and Country, 53 Imperial Newport,
60 VW Beetle, 63 VW Beetle, 1972 BMW Bavaria.

Automotive History:
I've always stated: "You've never been for a ride in a fast car until you've been in a fast VW".

Aspirations: I want to live until I die.

I bet you didn't know: I live 7 minutes from Disneyland.


February, 2014