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Bill Leahy

Born Halloween day in 1942 / Grand Coulee Dam, Washington (Mom said it was a shocking experience).

Wife Judy is an avid quilter (I even have quilted underwear / just kidding).
My first wife divorced me, amongst other things, because she said I used her tooth brush. She was wrong, I used it on my dog Fred.

Judy and I live in an old brick house with matching carriage house, circa 1935, in Kennewick, WA (a museum in itself)...the carriage house is my studio and a memorabilia museum to boot. It is worth getting lost in our area just to see it.
Our area is not typical for the state of Washington. We get over 300 days of sunshine per year, as we are in a desert. (Hanford the A-bomb place is very close, many say too close).

Phone 509-947-6628, email:

If anyone ever gets lost or stranded in the great Northwest (southeast Washington that is), I am available with little to no mechanical ability, but I offer tons of moral support and a free place to stay.

Been in marketing and graphic design since 1968 / semi-retired now.

I was a Chevy guy for most of my life, as was my dad. In 2003 I gave my wife Judy a kidney and it changed my life. I now wanted more than the Chevys that everyone else had...and started looking for a 57 Plymouth. A high school friend had one when we were kids and I remembered it was cool...and different. Well, I didn't find the Plymouth, but did find the basket case 1957 Chrysler 300 C which is now 99% finished and resting in my new garage. I also put together a nice '62 300 Sport recently.

I also like photography, no, I love photography (and Photoshop)

One more thing, I am one of them crazy guys who runs everyday, sometimes on the side of the don't hit me.

by Judy Leahy

March, 2015