Member’s Bio Page

Mark Love

Spouse: Theresa

Residence: Palm Desert, CA (winter). Calgary, Alberta, Canada (summer)


Tenure in the club: 2017, a new-bee

Traveler's aid: Yes

Work: Real estate research, development and marketing consultant, home builder, land developer, now retired

Current Stable: 300 F (Terry McTaggart’s), ’55 Imperial C69, ’56 Imperial C73, ’64 Studebaker GT Hawk, ’02 Ferrari 360 Spider, ’03 Mercedes Benz S600

Automotive History: I have owned likely 100+ exotics and performance cars over 50 years, just too short sighted and far too stupid to keep the best ones

300 Letters Owned: 300 F but always looking, it needs a stable mate. Have owned a few of other Imperials and a ’64 426 S Street Wedge Plymouth Sport Fury

Aspirations: continue to build a relationship with God in the service of others

I bet you didn't know: I started collecting Forward Look Imperials (six of them) because ot the notoriety of the marque, the limited production numbers and the engineering prowess of Chrysler Corporation. I first saw Bob Jasinski interviewed by Jay Leno on Jay Leno’s Garage as they talked about and then drove Leno's 300 G. I was hooked; that got me started on letter cars. Bob and Jay recommended contacting the owner’s club focusing on a particular marque as the best way to be introduced to the cars and to get honest straight forward information about them. I went on line and first spoke to Bob Merritt who sent me to Don Verity. I became the new custodian of the wonderfully cared and much cherished 300 F owned by Terry McTaggart for the previous 45 years. How could you turn down that provenance!. I hope the 300 Club site is always robust and current to help others, like me, to learn more about our letter cars and to continue to provide the wealth of technical information and nostalgic remembrances so appreciated by guys like me.


August 2018