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Doug Mayer

Spouse: Mrs. Mayer (It is 'Susan', I looked on the marriage certificate.)

Residence: Northport, Maine

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 1994

Traveler's aid: Yes

Work: Retired, sort of.

Other Clubs: Both 300 Clubs, WPC Club; Maine Black Fly Breeders Association (We breed 'em—you feed 'em)

Current Stable: 300L

Automotive History: Fellow Boy Scout's dad had a '56 Imperial Southampton 4 dr—which was magnificent; he traded it for a 300C the next year. I never forgot. One day, awakening with more money than brains, I bought a 300B—Moby by name. I now have Cyclops, the L.

300 Letters Owned: B, L, If they made a T, I'd get one, just to have a great sandwich.
'68 300 convertible.

Aspirations: to get Cy to a meet more than 250 miles from Northport, to continue to enjoy the fellowship of the club and its meets and to continue to enjoy great food like chili, lobster and clams and the stories thereunto appertaining.


February, 2011