Member’s Bio Page

Terry McTaggart

Spouse: Tink

Residence: Dayton, Ohio

Contact Info: Old fashioned telephone 937 885 4256


Tenure In Club: From day one!

Traveler's aid: Sure, why not

Work: Used to, but not any more. I was a rocket scientist!

Current Stable: D convert, F coupe.

Automotive History: Inspired in high school by a '57 Adventurer coupe, then gravitated to the 300s.

300 Letters Owned: Two other F coupes; one sold, one scrapped (oops!)

Aspirations: Done!

I bet you didn't know: I, like Doug Mayer, have a basement full of HO gauge trains.

Other: Along with Gil Cunningham and Duane Debutts, I went on that fabulous trip from Ann Arbor down south in 1968, where we met up with Robert Dupin III, and formed the beginning of the 300 Club. I drove my 300D convert from Philadelphia to Holly Michigan to attend the first Club meeting.


December, 2011