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John Nowosacki

Spouse: Katherine Bunker

Hometown: North Reading, MA


Tenure In Club: I've lost track, but certainly the early 80's.

Work: Electronic Test Equipment Sales and Rentals.

Current Stable: 61G vert, 57 C coupe a/c, 70 Hurst, 2-TC Maserati, Dodge Magnum R/T, PT Cruiser Turbo

Automotive History: Used to stand up in the back seat of dad's 56 Plymouth on vacation and identify all car makes and models in the oncoming traffic as a 5 year old.

300 Letters Owned: 61G Coupe, 55 C-300

Aspirations: Try to figure out why 2 cars are not enough, but 3 are too many.

I bet you didn't know: I'd really like to have a 59 Dodge Sweptside Pickup, and I once owned a 2-dr G coupe, 4-door Newport, and 8-door NYer Airport Limo all at the same time.

Other information: My first 300 was a 62 non-letter that I bought for $300 in the early 80's for my bride-to-be to drive while she visited me for the summer. It was so much more car than my 63 Plymouth Fury that I decided to investigate Chryslers. I liked the dash and front end of the 62, but wanted fins, so was please when I saw what a 61 looked like. I was puzzled by the letter G that came after the 300 in 61, so had to do more research, and that is how I first learned of the famed Letter Cars. The rest, as they say, is history.


December, 2011