Member’s Bio Page

Carlton Schroeder

daughters Kristin, son-in-law Mike, Cheryl, Carlton and Barb

Spouse: Barb

Residence: Wisconsin

Contact Info: see roster


Tenure In Club: Since 1918 (OK, I'm kidding - 1985)

Traveler's aid: Yes (lakeside lodging included)

Work: Just an old retired engineer (but I still enjoy cracking open a math book).

Other Clubs: This Club is enough for me.

Current Stable: 300C, H, 66 Belvedere convert.

Automotive History: Well, I started with a $150 C300 in 1961 when I was 18 and 50 years and about 20 Mopars later I have a Dodge minivan and Dodge truck.

300 Letters Owned: C300 (whereabouts unknown), C (now with Mike Meier), C (I drive), H (in restoration).

Aspirations: I want to be a lumberjack / trapper / maple tree sap tapper.

I bet you didn't know: I cook a mean brat stew in my 3 gallon SS milk can (included w/beer, all in Traveler's aid package)

twin C of WI member Bob Nitz.


February, 2011