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Shannon Steele

Spouse: Jeff Turner

Residence: Crystal River, FL

Contact Info: 202 669 4685


Tenure In Club: One year

Traveler's aid: ?

Work: Professional, mostly retired.

Other Clubs: Citrus County Cruisers

Current Stable: Current Stable: 300F Convertible (runs, but awaiting restoration) '67 Mustang Fastback 390 GTA (fully restored, mild custom) '55 Chevy w/big block (restored, basically a drag car) '31 Ford Tudor Sedan (street rod) '75 Ponitiac Grandville convertible (restored) (all except Chevy are A/C cars) '01 Harley Ultra-Classic (his) '87 Harley Heritage Softtail Classic (mine) '76 Harley (Show bike) A few misc. cars we would like to sell

History with cars: Always loved 'em, had a lot of 'em, have too many of 'em right now

300 Letters Owned: 300G briefly; sold to get the convertible F

Aspirations: Want to get the F as nice as our other "keepers".

What you don't know: I also collect interesting fiberglass and aluminimum boats with big fins from the late 50's. My collection stands at about 20, and I have some of the rarest boats of that kind in existence. Several are restored, but most still need restoration. The Mustang and the F will have hitches installed to pull the boats as I get them finished--"The ultimate accessory"

Other information: In addition to classic boats, we collect antique outboard motors and toy outboard motors. We also have many "normal" boats primarily for fishing or general boating.


June 2012