Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Mystic, Connecticut

 June 2014

* * The Cars * *

300E of Dave Larsen

The 300F convertible of Andy Bernbaum

Power door lock option, 300F

300F of Paul Wickenheisser

300F of Jean-Yves Chouinard from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Linda and Michael Burke brought their car from Michigan

The 1968 convertible of Tom Caruso

300G of Mike Falcone

G convertible of Charlie Corso

Martha and Mick Kreszock's 300K

300G of Mike Falcone and 1959 Imperial of Don Verity

Len Hodgden's 55 and Doug Mayer's L

Len Hodgden's 55

Dave Dumais' 300K 4 speed

Jerry Kocur's K convertible and Don Cole's 300K ram convertible

1957 300C of Dave Geise

300J of Al Vannice

300D of Dan and Diane Roy

300F of Tony Rinaldi

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