The person I spoke to told me his mother wanted to sell the car. The 300G belonged to his brother, who'd been killed in a Jeep crash in the early 80's. He'd dearly loved the "G", and she had kept it, as a memento, in the garage, all these years. Now she was considering selling the house, and the car had to go.

I was told that the car was pretty much loaded, and currently black.. but underneath, it was "copper-colored" . I thought that it probably was a cinammon (RR1) hardtop and liked the idea of air conditioning. I decided to go take a look, even though I was really not in the market for a 300G.

600 some miles later, on October 1st, 1999, in West Virginia, I got my first peek at the car:

and then walked around it...

Opened the door and looked inside - not bad !

But the clincher was the data plate -and the color showing under the peeling black paint !

No, this was not a Cinammon car... it was gold ! Check out the "999" paint code under PNT ! After further checking out the "G", and hearing "the story" behind it, well, I really had no choice. Mrs.Robertson agreed to sell it to me, after I promised her I would give the car a good home. Came back a week later to pick it up !

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