John Hertog Photo Page

Marv Raguse and John Hertog at the Walter P Chrysler Museum, July 2006

John driving the F of Dan Reitz around Lake Tahoe in August, 2005

It is nice to see a site for pictures of John. Attached is one taken of John and I at Lake Tahoe with our "matching" T-shirts. Perhaps you know, John liked to collect 300 Meet shirts. He has dozens of them. So I had 2 made, one with CROSSRAM MOTORS at the top for him, and one with BRUTE FORCE at the top for me, both of them above a colored drawing of a crossram engine which I did on Photoshop.
Dan Reitz

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John Hertog and Andy Mikonis. By Bob Jasinski

On the pier at Lake Tahoe, 2005. By John McAdams

Click here for a series of clips on John from "The 300 Project".
We appreciate David and Aaron Coston for providing these clips.

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