Cross Ram Page

Dan Reitz writes:

Attached is the picture of the transfer I did on Photoshop for John Hertog. I have modified my original design to include the words, "In Memory of John Hertog 6/15/55-7/9/08".
I offer this to club members for their own personal use and will rely on their integrity not to use it for monetary gain. This is the least we can do for John.

Just print out the picture on your own computer as an iron-on or take a copy on a floppy or CD to your favorite shop and have a shirt made. I have done this many times. I just tried this with the picture of John Hertog above all the letters in the memorial and it works just fine. The only thing I had to do to get it full screen was to enlarge it.
Dan Reitz

Click on the photo below if you want to download the full size version. A word of caution: it is a large file and will take a long time to transfer.